Saturday, June 28, 2008

IT Certification

Information technology is one of the technologies that are gaining prosperity day by day due to the development in science and technology. It is one such industry, which is drawing the attention of huge no of youngsters towards it. IT has great advantages satisfying the requirements needed for young people around. So everyone wants to get them recruited in an IT industry to enjoy its benefits and the different working style. But getting a job here isn’t an easy task. A whole lot of knowledge in the subject with practical knowledge in it is necessary. So gain all these requirements the person has to be trained well in all these subjects practically knowing all the do’s don’ts of it very well. Training will be a very good solution for getting yourself into the job comfortably. So all these need a good center for people to be trained well satisfying these criteria’s. One such place is Cisco certification it provides you with the good training about the practically too. This certification speaks for itself, as it is so valuable. You not only gain knowledge in that subject you need but also in a wide range in the same field. As computers are a wide range it has hardware and software to deal with. So we can gain knowledge in both simultaneously. Many of them who have obtained this certification are recruited in high paid jobs too. So if you have a liking towards the IT field and wish to flourish in it then Cisco certification is the right choice for you. So get yourself started with it right now…

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Tune your ears to the music of life...!!!!

Music has played the most in many peoples life. It’s not just a piece of entertainment but it gives you peace of mind. It acts like a tonic and refreshes your mind and energies it. There is no such person who doesn’t like music. One can spend hours unaware of time flying like anything. Nothing can be equal to happiness and joy got while listening to silent melodies when the world is fast asleep. It seems as if the world is yours when you listen to it. It even it has the power to mesmerize anyone easily in its melodies. It gives joy to both the one who created it and to the one for whom it’s made for the audience. There are huge combinations of music that can be composed. Music is not an easy task to be created good piece of music can be go from only someone who has great knowledge in it. Each musical instrument has a soothing effect to our ears in their own way. So be happy always listen to music enjoy every bit of your life happily.

Ed.CET Entrance Exam Results- Andhra University

Andhra Pradesh State council for higher education conducted Ed.CET examination results have been declared and the results can be got from the below link

Friday, June 27, 2008

Car accidents!

Car driving is more exciting and interesting. But at the same it needs more of alertness while driving. A distracted driver is prone to accident, not only causing damage to himself but also the other travelers. Yes, it’s so bad to pay for a mistake in which there is no fault from my side. If there is no fault from your side, did you know that you can re claim a diminished value for your car? Isn’t it amazing?? Yes you can recoup the diminished value for your car up to four years.

I would like to share the first car accident that my friend had met up with. While she was driving suddenly a two-wheeler from a side road dashed the car without given a horn. Since it was the first time she is experiencing such a situation she got really tensed. And the damage to her brand new car was very bad, which made her very upset the whole day. But now its possible to re claim the diminished value through Advocate Auto claim. FREE diminished value! So no need to pay for others fault anymore. Drive Safe.

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Red wine makes your heart evergreen!

A small amount of resveratol which is present in fruits like graped, pomergrate ans also in other foods. A natural constituent is present in these substances which extends the life span and fends of aging . Isnt it amazing to hear. Though the previous research showed that high doses extends life Span in invertebrates. Also it prevents early mortality in mice by giving a high fat diet. 'Resveratrol is active in much lower doses than previously thought and mimics a significant fraction of the profile of caloric restriction at the gene expression level,' said Tomas Prolla.

Cisco certification

There is boom in lots of industries nowadays. Every field is flourishing and diversifying in its own way. One such field is the information technology field. Almost every youngster wants to be a part of the information technology. It has a whole lot of advantages in it and an apt job for young people. But it is not an easy job as it sounds. We need a good amount of training in the field to excel in it. Thought experience is man’s best teacher we can’t get going with it in the initial stages. In such cases to makes ourselves the best among others we need to get trained up with the best training and be certified. Getting ourselves certified is not the only thing but we should make ourselves to get a better picture of the working strategies in the field of information technology. Cisco certification is one such of that kind. It not just provides you a certification but also the best training to prosper in IT field. It trains you such a way that you a good piece of knowledge in not just one part of the field but a wide range in the same field. This certificate speaks for itself as it well know and reputed one. There are many people with this certification and paid high for their splendid work in this field. So if you wish to be one such person the get trained in this institution and get yourselves certified and have a great time in this field. So get going with it, its wonderful.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Think outside the Box

You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.

  1. An old friend who once saved your life.
  2. 3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car?

Think before you continue reading. This is a moral/ethical dilemma that was once actually used as part of a job application. You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die, and thus you should save her first. Or you could take the old friend because he once saved your life, and this would be the perfect chance to pay him back. However, you may never be able to find your perfect mate again.
























The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants)had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered: "I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital.. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams." We gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations. Never forget to "Think outside the Box."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Abra Cadabra!!!!

Do you love magic or illusions? Yes I don like magic. It’s always nice watching magic tricks and illusions. Person like CRISS ANGEL Believe someone different from the usual magicians. Some of them may wonder who is this CRISS ANGEL? He is a modern magical master. He is one of the great magicians that you can never miss his show. Once I had the opportunity to watch this great show. It’s been simply superb.

One of the performance that amazed me is that when he lifted himself up without any string is simply amazing.! The show pattern is like he walks around the city looking for people who wants to see him act. Not only that he performance a number of card tricks and illusions.

You can catch these illusions and performance of CRISS ANGEL in Luxor Hotel (Las Vegas). And also there is a new Cirque Du Soleil performance called ‘CRISS ANGEL Believe’ featured by CRISS ANGEL. You can also win 2 tickets to ‘CRISS ANGEL Believe’ by simply sending a Text ‘Believe’ to 22122. I wish I could win those two tickets.

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Ajith new project Aegan

After the success of Billa, the next movie by actor Ajith is Aegan. Gautham directs the movie. Meanwhile the shooting is in progress at various places in India and in foreign countries. Places like Yercaud , Hong Kong . Some sections of the movie is based on SRK’s Main Hoon Naa, but it’s not a confirmed official information. Let this new project be a hit and full fill the desire of all ajith’s fan.

In a recent interview to print media Ajith had stated, “I will be working with Gautham Menon for the first time and I am excited about the same. The film will be produced by Sivaji films and is an action flick, which will have Gautham’s stamp all over it. Major part of the shooting is planned at New York and London and discussions are underway now.”

First Cordless Cleaning Technology

Keeping house clean is a very essential one. Vacuum cleaners play a very important role in making our home clean and tidy. But the only difficulty in Vacuum Cleaner is that they are not compactable and also they consume a lot a power. These are the problem that all of us face in keeping your home clean.


The first introduced vacuum cleaners are huge and so it’s very difficult to carry these heavy cleaner across the house. Due to the advancements in the field of science and electronics the size of the vacuum cleaners have been reduced very much. But still we have the problem of power consumption. So what do we do? What’s the solution tour problem? The only solution to our problem is Dirt Devil. It is the best way to save the energy. The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac uses only 70% of the energy. And above all AccuCharge is the first cordless cleaning technology to earn the Energy Starapproval. In addition to receiving your sponsor offer, you can win a Dirt Devil AccuCharge prize pack valued at $109.98. So what are you still waiting for? Transform your house to paradise with Dirt Devil .

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Vijay's Villu Storyline

After the box office hit of Pokkiri, Prabhu Deva and Ilaya Thalapathy has teamed up once again and their magic is sure to work on the audience. Kollywood’s hot actor Nayanthara is one more addition to this success team. This is the first time that Nayanthara s being paired with Vijay. Hope this pairing works out. This is a commercial film with all the essential ingredients of entertainment. Since the story line is not officially divulged, guesses go as follows

A team of desperadoes kills an honest officer fortunately his wife and his son escape from the situation. The son grows up thinking that his dad had a natural death. However when he comes to know the truth from one of his dad’s friends, he is up in arms with the system and starts his mission of avenging his dad’s death. On this trail, he meets his love Nayan who happens to be the daughter of one of the baddies. Will Vijay succeed in his mission? And love forms the plot of the film. Stories like these are bound to make its round till official announcement comes. Keep checking for more and more updates of Villu movie.

Catch Wimbledon LIVE

Do you love tennis? If yes then you must be searching for a website to catch the Wimbledon matches Live. Yes I did the same, on searching for a website to watch the Wimbledon live I found an excellent website were we can watch. It is MediaZone. It’s a brilliant one were we can catch the live Wimbledon Online. It’s an Internet broadcast company working in association with Wimbledon Championships. They provide Wimbledon LIVE for you. You can choice the matches of your choice and go back and forth. Not only that you can even watch the previous year matches

They offer a great package rate of just $24.99. With just this much of money you could catch the excitement sitting right in front your computer. It’s an excellent opportunity for all tennis lovers. So come lets catch the Wimbledon matches LIVE on Media Zone and experience the excitement at home.

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Ford launched New Fiesta model

Ford India has launched new sport variant Fiesta model 1.6S with design revisions and upgraded fabrics and leather. The new Fiesta offers a choice between Ford’s India Duratec (petrol) and Duratorq (Turbodiesel).

Michael Boneham, president of Ford India said that he bold styling of new Fiesta indicates a clear move toward European design cues and is a true reflection of the Ford Fiesta's exciting on-road character.

The new Ford Fiesta model includes three petrol variants 1.6 EXI, 1.6 ZXI and 1.6 SXI – and three turbodiesel variants – 1.4 EXI, 1.4 ZXI and 1.4 SXI..

Ford Fiesta SXI Petrol: Rs 700,000.
Ford Fiesta SXI Diesel: Rs 814,000.
Ford Fiesta S: Rs 715,000.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Perfect connector for field applications..!

Hey hi guys..!

I would like to share about a connector, which is perfect for quickly terminated data cables in the field. L-com has released an easy-to-use new DB25 connector. It’s the most convenient way to perform field terminations. The Exclusive design features of this connector are there are separate connection points for all the 25 positions plus ground and no soldering is required. The connector provides reliable electrical connections with no special tools required.


Features of DB25 female Connector

  • Easily terminate DB25 female connectors in the field, no crimping or soldering required
  • Panel mountable with thickness of up to 0.062"
  • Terminal block allows for simple, quick wiring changes
  • Gold plated contacts provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles
  • Connector style: DB25 female

So DB25 is a perfect for field applications. They have also introduced switching and testing devices. And a number of press release have been listed; you may browse according to your interest.

Sponsored by L-com Connectivity Products

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pacific Ink

At many homes you find they will be having a printer, which is seldom used. Since printers are not much needed in houses for domestic purposes much but greatly used in companies and all. In such cases in house were they have ink jet printer since the printer is seldom used there is a problem of the ink in the cartridges getting solidified and hence it cannot be used when it is in need of. Since I have experienced this problem often its also so irritating when we cant use it when we need it. So I left it just like that without replacing the cartridge since its expensive and get is a waste of many at the end since it gets thickened before I use at least half of it.

As the give this promising words to their customers

"If for any reason our printer cartridges do not perform to your complete satisfaction contact us by phone and we will immediately work with you to remedy the situation."Pacific-ink-logo

So they are giving us guarantee that the cartridge will not fail at any cost and if any failure occurs they will be there to solve it for us. So they have produced such trust worthy products to us for facilitating us. Another best feature of this pacific ink is that you can search for the ink you need from the printer model or the ink cartridge number easily. So we can find the product we needed easily and efficiently. They also have toner cartridge for laser printers too. They also offer printer inks for branded stuffs too. The yare like the canon ink cartridges, epson ink cartridges and dell printer cartridges, which are available here. And the other problem, which we are facing is about the shipping cost which has to be paid by us. But we have a solution for this also. Shipping cost is absolutely FREE once you sign up as a member of the Pacific Ink Cartridge Club! So tis providing you with all these facilities for your printers so get them now and starting printing colors to your life.

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Home grown cure for mouth problems

Aloe vera is a plant that has been used to heal the skin for more than 2000 years. A review in an US journal reports that it can also be used to treat many oral health problems, including ulcers, cold sores, herpes simplex viruses, lichen planus (a disease which affects the skin and oral mucus) and gingivitis. Aloe vera can be grown at home in a pot. These plants are readily available in nurseries. Place it near a window and water it only when the soil is dry. Make sure you never over-water the plant. If you cut off 2.5 cm of leaf and squeeze out the gel inside, this can be directly applied to the problematic area. Use it quickly and check it. It should be colorless. The bitter yellowish juice is a laxative. You can also buy aloe drinks.

Dirt Devil


The Vacuum Cleaner that was originally used in houses was a bulkier one. It was almost like a machine working at home with many connections in it. Carrying it and working with this huge machine was a difficult task. Though it helps us to keep our house neat and cleaner, they are physically large to carry on and work with. So most of them don’t prefer using a vacuum cleaner.

But nowadays vacuum cleaner are made small and compact. The reduced size attracted a lot of people to use this machine. The cleaning of the house is no more a difficult task. Dust harms our nostrils and some are allergic to it. This is made simple by this vacuum cleaner. But they are wired. It’s not possible to carry all over the house. The AccuCharge Stick Vac is the first to introduce the cordless Vacuum cleaner. Another important factor is power consumption of this vacuum cleaner is very less energy. Only 70% of the energy is used. so it can be simply called an "Energy Star"

It a high efficiency charging system that saves both time and money. No needs to dial up a maid anymore. Dirt Devil is the best way to save energy compared to the other vacuum cleaner. Not only that you can also win a Dirt Devil Accucharge prize valued $109.98 by participating in the contest.

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Office Outburst

Emotional outbursts rarely result in job loss, but unpredictable behavior could stall your career. So before you allow your anger to reach a fever pitch, take a walk or vent your frustrations to a friend or colleague. Though managers are more likely to get away with outbursts, the behavior is still unnecessary. If you're the boss you can tell your employee that they did a mistake without getting angry. If an emotional outburst is directed at you, never argue. Just try to defuse the situation by addressing the person at hand and asking him to calm down. If you lose your temper, go someplace to cool off. Then apologize to those who heard your outburst. The quicker you regain your composure and address it, the quicker you'll erase it from people's minds.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have you ever met with a car accident?

Have you ever met with a car accident and there is no fault from your side? If so you can claim the diminished value of your vehicle. Sounds great isn’t it? Yes its true you can re-coup the value of your vehicle for up to four years.

My friend had met up with a car accident. She meets with an accident, though not much of a hurt. The person in a bike came through the no entry and the unexpected turn lead to the accident. This was an unexpected incident, also her first accident that she has come across. Her car was a brand new one, which was damaged so very badly. The chances of get the car getting done like how it use to be was impossible. But now we can claim re-coup the diminished value of our vehicle by Advocate Auto Claims. They also provide FREE diminished value estimate of your vehicle. So no more worries since it wasn’t your fault so you needn’t be paying for others faults anymore.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dasavatharam - Movie Review

It has been a long wait for Kamal’s fans after Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu and the legend has not disappointed them. He has established emphatically that the wait is certainly a worthwhile one and has proved time and again that cinema is his lifeline.

The seventy crore magnum opus challenges Hollywood films and has even set up a benchmark for their films. Special kudos to producer Aascar Ravichandran for ably supporting the actor and the director in their pursuit of rendering a world class Tamil cinema - especially in the technical department.

The grandiose scenes spellbind the viewer and the crew has worked hard to sustain this feeling through out the film. The film opens with the camera zooming on Chennai from the ocean and gently stops at Chozha era when Saivites and Vaishnavites locked horns with each other.

Kamal’s performance, Ravi Varman’s cinematography, Devi Sri Prasad’s re-recording and Thanikachalan’s editing teleport the viewer to a different era which would take a long time for them to unravel, particularly the scene where the Saivite King orders the statue of Lord Ranganatha to be thrown into the sea and threatens the ardent Vaishnavite Kamal to utter Om Namashivaya just once. And when Kamal begins OM, the suspense is killing not only for the king but also the audience. Though the film begins with Chozha period, it subsequently moves to modern times, bringing with it adventure, high flying chases. etc

Kamal’s hard work and perseverance is palpable in every frame and in the different getups that he has essayed. An angry Vaishnava young man from Chozha period, US President George Bush, mentally unstable old woman, a Japanese Karate master, Punjabi ghazal singer, a dalit man fighting for justice, an American terrorist out to kill people, an eight feet innocent Muslim, an astute scientist, a Telugu secret service man speaking Tamil in a weird fashion- a variety indeed!.

Out of the ten Kamals, the dalit Boovaraghan stands out with his distinct style in dialogue delivery, eye movements and body language. Grandma Kamal is a reminder of Avvai Shanmugi while the secret service agent tries to tickle the funny bone in us, while in all the other Kamals, makeup alone can be talked about.

Asin as an Agraharam girl is a revelation and is almost on par with Kamal in performance. Mallika Sherawat has understood why she has been hired and accordingly does her part.

In the music department, the Tamil flavor is retained only in the Mukunda number while in the others, Himesh Reshammiah’s difficulty in unwrapping himself from Hindi clutches is discernible. K S Ravikumar’s directorial acumen is revealed in Ulaganayagane number where he has picturized Kamal’s make-up secrets.

Dasavatharam’s main forte is technical expertise, which the technicians have utilized without the viewer being aware of it. Top of the line technical excellence is perceptible in Tsunami scenes, car chasing shots, Chozha period sequences and the scene where all the Kamals come together. On the flipside, if the focus given to technical brilliance had been given to a stronger storyline and character portrayal, the film would have earned a perfect TEN.

All in all a colossal visual opulence at its peak for the first time in Indian cinema.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Break the Fast!

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. In this busy world, most of us miss our breakfast in the hurry to catch the college bus or to reach the school on time. Buts it’s so very important to have the first meal of the day. The word break fast literally means break the fast. Since you need to break the long gap as soon as possible, possibly by 7. It’s necessary to break the fast, which was for nearly 10-12hrs and for and healthy diet your stomach should have something for every 4 hrs. So it’s very important that you have your breakfast. That’s actually the meal that gives you energy to start your day. Nighttime gives rest to your body and allows you to start your day fresh again. Sufficient amount of food is necessary to make your engine work efficiently for another day.

Breakfast must contain sufficient amount of protein, vitamin B & E and vitamins. These provide steady stream of energy for the start of the day. Its better to have nourishes breakfast instead of junk foods.

Ideal Breakfast that one could have

· Pongal/ idli/ dosa/ mint chutney

· Rotis with cooked vegetables

· Stuffed whole-wheat parathas with yogurt

· Mixed Vegetable upma

· Sandwiches boiled egg apple salad on wheat bread

· Oats porridge or cereals with milk, fresh and dried fruits

Rise and shine. So lets start our day with a healthy meal

West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Result

Check out the below links for West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam 2008 Result

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Guess what Chevrolet is got to do with transformer? The image that you see on the right side is the image of Commercial new Chevy Aveo by Chevrolet Europe. It’s really amazing that they have come up with the ads on transformer. Its based of the transformer movie they have created their ads. Its really funny..! Watch the ad placed little below.

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Two Butterflies were in Love.!!

One day, they decided to play “hide and seek”…..

During the play..

Boy Butterfly- “Lets play a small game honey”

Girl Butterfly- “Ok”

Boy Butterfly- “The one who sits in the flower early morning is the one who loves the other lot more…”

Girl Butterfly- “Ok”

Next morning, the boy butterfly waits for the flower to bloom. So that he can sit before the girl butterfly does.
Finally, the flower opened…

What did he see?

The girl butterfly had died inside the flower. She stayed there all the night so that early morning as soon as she sees him she can fly to him and tell him how much she loved him. This is true LOVE. LIFE is LOVE.

Toronto Condos

Planning to buy or sell condos? It’s a pretty difficult task. It’s really very difficult to locate a desired property. It requires a lot of analysis and knowledge on the various other condos available on the town. Buying or selling of condos is made easy. Assistance is definitely needed in the field of real estate. This difficult process is made simpler and easy. This difficult task is made easy by this website they provide assistance with your real estate needs in Greater Toronto Area.

Now locating your desired property is made easy using This is a place were the buyers and sellers meet. They offer toronto condo reviews, largest and the most extensive search engines in Toronto market. It’s a quick and effective tool to obtain the detailed information latest available condos on market. In this forum both the owners and the tenants residence in the same building can communicate with each other. Various activities like sport events, contest are also organized here. The Toronto listing is emailed instantly with the full color photos, condos fees…. You can search for your dream lofts here. Why do you still wait for? Get your dream toronto condos here.

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How valuable are you?

Let me tell you a story of two people i worked with ten years ago. Both of these individuals were the same age, and approximate intelligence. both wanted to progress in their careers. But, there was one major difference between them. One just talked and complained about not getting ahead while the other person took the initiative by taking courses, and finding solutions.

After 10 years, the person who talked and complained is still talking and complaining remains in the same position. While the person who took the initiative and found solutions has been promoted. what you have accomplished in the past is a much stronger example than talking about what you are capable of doing in the future

Stylish Strollers


A stroller makes carrying your baby much easier. You can take your baby out for a walk or for shopping easily with it no need to leave your child at home with servant while shopping and get worried every now and then about it anymore. You may take your baby wherever you go with a stroller.

Every mom’s requirements have been completely satisfied in this stroller. They have introduced a totally new mobility concept with the sliders. Its compact the entire upper part of the strollers is detachable and folds up too small. Now you can look at your baby while walking. Since the handle can be reversed. I am sure that every mom will like this compact and lightweight stroller.

The site Barebabies and Mutsy provide the best strollers. These sites have the various packages of their product. And number of other products is also present here. Its quiet simple to navigate through in purchase the products online. You may select the products based on your requirements and money. You can buy a retail price or complete system. provides you an offer of 10% discount on Mutsy order by using the discount code mutsy10off. You can even take a musty test drive at the local musty retail shop with your baby.

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Incredible !!!


Count every "F" in the following text:



...................... 3?

WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke.

The reasoning behind is further down.

The brain cannot process "OF".

Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!

Anyone who counts all 6 "F's" on the first go is a genius.
Three is normal, four is quite rare.

Monday, June 9, 2008

GPS- Geo positioning system

Geo positioning system is one of the most necessary systems nowadays. Since getting to the exact location where we need to go is becoming more troublesome due to change in the roadways every now and then. So to have a easy means of spotting the location where we can reach we may need a road map but there are more changes brought often so we it implement it again in the form of a road map takes time and you cant keep getting road maps every time. So to fulfill this search of the customers Geo positioning system has been introduced by GPS sight, which not just provides you with the road map but also provides you with other details like
  • Activity Detail- like the schedule which has to be followed for the day
  • Fuel Consumption- the fuel details like its requirements and availabilities
  • Speed Violations – violation of speed in a particular zone
  • Vehicle Performance (Trouble Codes)- In case of any damage
  • Landmark Activity- For easy spotting of the location
  • Geo fence Violation – Crossing beyond the border lines

All you got to do is download the 65 page implementation road map for easy access of the roadmap. It can be downloaded in your vehicle, mobile…etc so that you can have them with you all through the way on your journey. GPS Insight vehicle tracking system uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile so that you are provided with highly accurate location of you vehicle and the path you need to follow. The vehicle location keeps changing every 2 minutes showing you the routes throughout the USA and Canada. The standard product provides us with

  • Besting means of mapping is available.
  • The day you shop for it, it reaches your doorstep.
  • 30 days money back guarantee in case of any problem.
  • No contract bases signed in here.
  • 24x7 support with 12-second average hold time.
  • Many other extra options for your needs.
  • Do it yourself easy installation method.
  • The GPs product, which diagnoses your engine to and reports faults and in case of any need.
The GPS Insight support wiki for customers would be user-friendlier since it is created from the advice and feedback form the customers knowing their needs. There is even a Blog for GPS vehicle tracking so enjoy the benefits. So get you GPS sight right now and enjoy its facilities… !!!!!

Online tickets - Dasavatharam

Finally the most awaited movie Dasavatharam movie release is on June 13th. Online Booking open from June 8th. 120 shows in chennai. 45 shows in Mayajaal. Click on below links to book your seats..

Mayajaal :


Sathyam :

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Find and buy clothes you saw in the movies

Everyone wonders with awe about the latest fashionable dresses worn by the Hollywood stars. To get the latest buzz of clothes in Hollywood all you got to do is being connected with Movie Fashions, Online traders of the latest clothes worn by your favorite stars here in Hollywood. Clothes from the Sex and the City Movie can also be got here. You can get jeans, jackets, sunglasses, jewelry and all sorts of celebrity fashions all in one place. You can take a look at the site and get the movie which you are searching for and shop the clothes in that movie. It’s not just the clothes and accessories of a movie you can even select an actor or actress of your choice and shop clothes worn by them in their movies too. So all you got to do is that visit the website and check out what kind of outfits and accessories suits you. So get yourself updated with the latest buzz in the movies right now.

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Priyanka Chopra on action

Priyanka Chopra is glad she used to be a fighter I school, though she's not proud of some of her actions. "I never would let anyone or anything go. I remember getting into a huge fight with one of my classmates. I fought because my morals were questioned. Stupid accusations were made against me and I wasn't the one to take it lying down," she said.

And then she got into a hue showdown. "The matter was so bad because it got into a racist kind of situation and when I couldn't handle the accusations, I injured her nose. We were fighting before a lot of people at the basketball court and I punched her nose." However Piggy Chops, as she is called, is a softie at heart. Later she felt real bad and went to the hospital with flowers and apologized. "I thought she might get up from the bed and punch my nose!" says the actress, shuddering at the thought.

But now she is having fun breaking bones and noses when she is doing action flicks.

Hensley Arrow


Everyone prefers to take with them a travel trailer tow along with them for in case it is necessary as a part of their travel kit. It would be very much comfortable and easy to tow vehicles in case of any unfortunate cases of get struck up some where with it. Towing a vehicle is much of a difficult job since it sways all the way through its path. This kind of swaying may lead to accidents and there is no smooth means of travel. So Hensley Arrow who has been the premier trailer hitch in the RV industry for 15 years has brought a solution for this problem. Hensley Arrow is the only trailer hitch, which has guaranteed to eliminate trailer sway completely. We can wonder how it is possible but it is possible with Hensley Arrow Advanced Towing System. And it provides us with lots of amazing features like

· Tighter turning radius so that you would loose control over your vehicle

· Level floor plan for easy leveling.

· Easier hooks ups to avoid difficulties in hooking up vehicles

· Lower trailer cost

· Lower center of gravity to have control over it.

· Low fuel cost too so its so economical.

The greatest difference between other trailers and Hensley Arrow is that it is guaranteed to eliminate trailer sway and very economical too. So isn’t it amazing to get yourself a trailer with such lovable features. So get yourself one to makes things easy for you.

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Small Screen becoming more costlier

Bollywood's highest paid movie actor who was also the highest paid on television till recently has faced competition in both these slots. And who else to wake up to the challenge than another famous entertainer in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is reportedly given 1 crore per episode for the Indian version of fear factor called Khatron Ke Khiladi which will premiere on Viacom 18's upcoming channel which goes by the name of Colors. Only women wil feature in his show and the name list reads the likes of Yana Gupta, Pooja Bedi, Dipannita Sharma, Meghna Naidu et al.

Now coming to the competitor. Well who else can be expected than the still charming Salman Khan. Latest Buzz says he was offered a role in a T-series production which signed him for 50 crore thus overtaking Akhsay as the highest paid actor. And as far as the TV slot is considered, Salman is already moving into the people's drawing rooms through his serial Dus Ka Dum which premiered on June 6. he reportedly asked for a salar of 1.5 crore and trust him to get it. So there goes Akshay's crown. Now when he enters the scene DKD would already have finished a few episodes and established itself. So it will be a treat to watch them fight over on the small screen.

Adore your house with silk trees

Among may arts like painting, crafts; handworks…Etc interior decoration also has a greater interest among people. Everyone loves to decorate his or her house with beautiful pieces of artwork making it more presentable. Among the other decorative articles nowadays-placing plants in our rooms seemed so attractive than other articles. They are more attractive as well as pleasant adding greenery into our rooms. But having plotted plants in our houses seems like much of a pest isn’t it? Watering the plants regularly at times leakage of water from pots cleaning it up and stuffs like that makes it irritating. How to Get a Green Thumb? To make things easy we can have silk trees, plants or flowers in our houses. All such sorts of problems of real plants can be avoided. Artificial plants give you the greenery and are free of other problems too. So make your house look attractive and beautiful by decorating it with short artificial plants now.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Green Award for John Abraham

Bollywood Actor , received the Green Award for his social responsibility in creating India's first elephant village in Maharastra. He was awarded an Eco warrior Award. These awards create awareness about what people do at their level for the environment. Everything starts at a micro level and one has to take it at a macro level,' John told reporters at the event. He worked with the grass group community in making this done. By creating such a habitat, it makes the elephants get back to their homes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Small Orange Web Hosting


I wanted to start a website and soon. I wanted to enter this web where everyone had his place, his home, and his area. I wanted to establish myself too. I wanted a domain all for myself. Well it's not asking too much. But then think again. I don't know anything about HTML. Hell I don't even know how to use the Net properly. I've browsed a bit around, along with my peers but that's it. So how can I want all this? Isn't it like I'm dreaming a little too much?

But no! I can easily do all that said above with little knowledge of the Net and it's ways, all thanks to A Small Orange Web Hosting. Now what does that mean? Well it's just a site where they provide us with all details on how to create a website. In fact they do the creation also and in addition, if required, they will do the maintenance of the site. So you need to just give them the inputs and other details, which you want on our site and it's totally looked after. From the creation right till you feel it's no longer needed which may even be centuries later. The best part about Orange is that it can fit your current needs and grow with you. They have plans for small sites starting at $2.50 per month and up to the mega one with 45000MB space. All of its waiting for you.

So feeling bad you’re ignorant on the Net and it’s working? Think you lack something because of that? Well nothing to worry. Just sign in here and leave it all to them. Web hosting to the rescue!

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Healthy diet!!!

In this busy world everyone wants to have a health diet to make there body fit. The consumption of junk food causes obesity making the body unhealthy. Researches have proved that obesity can be avoided among children or adolescents by drinking fresh juices. Juice is not just healthy but also low calorie diet too. Consuming juices of apple, orange, pomegranates etc every morning can make great changes and help you in your day-to-day work. Obesity is not a simple problem, as it seems it is the root cause for various serious man-killing diseases. So keep yourself healthy and fit by taking fresh juices daily!!!!

Teach me time clock

Are you having sleepless nights all because your kids wake up very early? Then I think I can tell you some suggestion to solve your problem. Teach Me Time Clock Clock is one of the coolest solutions for it. Its amazing features help us greatly to solve it. It is a beautiful bedside alarm clock with dual color nightlight, when the clock is yellow its time to bed and when its green its time to get out of bed. It has both digital and analog means of displaying the time. We can even add a dialog in our voice to it. It teaches your children how to get the time out of the clock like a teacher. For grown ups you have snoozing facilities to wake you up like how your mom and dad does always. The two toes of the clock have some functions too.

· Press left toe button to display the analog time

· Press the right toe button to display the time in digital form and the clock tell you what time it is.

Teach Me Time Clock is one of the most useful things you can get your child. It can be made more portable with one AAA battery to use it. You can have for a reasonable price of $37.99.

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Vanishing Reading habits…!!!

Before if you ask what is your hobby of any child or a teenager the answer will probably would have been reading books. Nowadays the habit of reading books has vanished. Due to the arrival of various other means of entertainments like movies, games ..Etc. Games are controlling the minds of the youth and are not allowing them to spend some time in reading. Reading books not only improves your reading skills but also helps to develop one knowledge and language skills too. Everybody seems to be visually in tacked in all these kinds of entertainment. Reading habits is the only one that gives you the pleasure in it and makes you gain something from it too. So get yourself used to the habit of reading book whatever the book it may be, either a comic or a technical book.

Calling all parents!!

Every day with your family is something to be relished. Something all love to have. And - Parenting plans to let you make each moment special. With tips for travel and hundreds of ways to enjoy the summer its gives you a way to lead a great, healthy and strees-free life with your family.

This site - Family Life has a number of situations in which ordinary families might find themselves in and the options they had employed. There are stories on how families come closer in the face of adversaries and how they fight them out together.

The site also gives you a number of ideas on what to do when encountering common ailments within the family or certain nuances you need to be aware of when bringing p kids.

And hey, are you planning to travel with the family this summer? With kids in tow the trips may get a bit fussy with all getting easily restless especially when there are long road trips involved. They have a number of plans and suggestions just to help you enjoy each moment to the fullest with the ones you love the most. And for those ever-energized kids who don't sit in one place for a moment here you have a number of games all new and innovative ones, just waiting for you to try out. So read more and make every second of your family time meaningful and enjoyable in a way never imaginable before.

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Make a difference!

Everyone is born this world to make a difference. Just that many don't know what they are here for. A few have already made a mark, been famous, the 'been there done that' types. But many lead lives totally not known but still making changes in lives of other more deprived individuals, changing this world with how much ever little they could contribute. And that is - Make Your Mark delves. Into the lives of those people who are there for those who have lost all hope, for those who are in need, for those who have no one. Here are the true heroes and heroines of the world, the ones many have never heard about, but whom you need to. And these are the ones who need our admiration, our praises and more important….our help.

Read about Patty Hall who along with help from her students raised more than $12,000 to build a dam in a Kenya village within 6 months. Or on the Hospice Foundation which helps college students cope with grief. All ordinary people leading extraordinary lives with their achievements. Or try out their weekly challenge and enter yourself present in Reader's Digest Homepage and making this world a better place to live in.

So what are you peopling waiting for. Get in and look at their lives. See how much they have gone through, in spite of having their own lives to lead. They are just as ordinary as any of us. The only difference-they cared to change. They wanted to do their part for the world around them and that's led them so far, allowed them to rise above the rest. Shouldn't we join in too? Help in the way we could?

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On a Rainy day..

Rain has always been a form of happiness to everyone. It has been a great inspiration to every poet is some other way. It is bliss of happiness making everyone feel that they are kids once again. The cool breeze, the sense of touch of rainwater, the smell of earth everything is a different experience. I love to get myself wet out on the rain every time it rains. One such experience of getting wet is when I was when is was back home from a musical concert. It doesn’t seemed like it will rain but it did all of the sudden. I felt as if I was flying in the rain. It was more soothing than the melodies of music after a hot tiring day. I went walking all the way home in the rain enjoying each and every drop of it. There is no need to run away from it since it seems like blessing of God from the sky right on to you. So enjoy each an every moment of life since time is as precious a diamond.

Living with diabetes

It's the most common disease now that's fast spreading around the world. And it hasn't received the attention it has to. No wonder we have not much idea on a disease that's closer than we think. It has no age barrier and it's not curable. Unless you transplant your pancreas, of course! But it's totally controllable and especially if your dear one has this disease that is exactly what you need to know about. This is where - Managing Diabetes is all ready to help. It gives you an idea of the basics of the disease and all that you need to keep the sugar well under control.

The site helps you get to know about the glycemic index, and the foods you have to take to stabilize your blood sugar. And exercise. This is one very much overlooked aspect of diabetes but something all doctors advise on. Exercise delays diabetes to a great extent and here you have tips on how to stay through your regime.

And dint I say food? There are a - Diabetes Friendly Foods that are good for your body and not a strain for your tongue too. I've read some and tried a few too, and hey it's amazing. Now my dad only wants me to cook. Well what a treat for them. They will feel better especially when their loved ones like us take care. And this is the best place to run for help. Just remember to have a better control of our life we need to be better educated in managing diabetes.

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Laugh Loud

Laughter is the best medicine. And that's just what RD Laughs Main believes. Where else will you find jokes by the hundred, most submitted by readers and humorous comedy videos, cartoons and the like? There are some things you will never be tired of. And jokes are one among that. They might be so common, ones you've heard a million times over, but still you find yourself rolling down when you hear it again.

For example I was just going through some of the inputs in Stand-up Videos and I saw one School Joke- lost in transalation which was truly a treat. Its not always you get to see a good one, what with double entrees getting so famous in the industry. Its just so difficult to get a clean one but here you have not few but many to enjoy.

And that's not all; they even have Funny Cartoons especially for all those who understand subtle comedies all so well. Try figuring out about the GPS and I am sure you'll be holding your sides before you fall.

So want a dose of this untiring, sweet, never painful medicine? Well it's easy as a click of your mouse. Log on and enjoy the fun as much as you can. Else subscribe to their newsletter and get copy right in your mailbox every week. Now what are you waiting for? Get on. Laughter was never easier !!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Person who i admire the most ..!

A schoolteacher scolded a boy for not paying attention to his mathematics and for not being able to solve simple problems. She told him that you would not become anybody in life.

The boy is none other than the great legend Albert Einstein. I admire him for his great contributions in the field of Physics. The Law of Photoelectric Effect awarded Einstein, Noble Prize in Physics. Theory of relativity wow it's simply amazing. Reading and understanding such concept itself requires great mind, then thinking of proposing such a concept. Theory of Relativity is explained by the great legend as follows :

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it

seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an

hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S


- Albert Einstein

Where is Mary?

Guess who is in this picture? It’s the gorgeous actor Mary Shannon. If you can find out where the picture is hidden in the image gallery of Plain Site leave me a comment. I shall reply to your comment. Lets see who get it correct. Come on guys.There is no need for me to tell you the name of the person in the snap out here. Yes of course its Mary Shannon the beautiful actor in the drama “ In Plain Sight “. All you got to do is just follow the link given here and if you are smart enough try and find out where the snap is actually taken from that is the location of the snap in the original website given. After finding out the location of the photography you can intimate me about it as a comment to this post. So go on start your hunt for Mary Shannon out there in the site.

USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight “ one of the famous drams out there has an interesting storyline. The overall contexts of it is Mary Shannon and her partner Marshall Mann are working for the federation Witness Protection Program which can be shortly prĂ©cised as WITSEC. The game goes like this they’ve to protect all the witnesses and their families from all sorts of dangers caused by others and assure security for them at any state. Complete thrill and fun is guaranteed for the audience for sure. It depicts the hardships of the people involved in such tasks. So it has every part of life. It’s premiere show is on June 1st, so just enjoy the fun and frolic around.

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