Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have you ever met with a car accident?

Have you ever met with a car accident and there is no fault from your side? If so you can claim the diminished value of your vehicle. Sounds great isn’t it? Yes its true you can re-coup the value of your vehicle for up to four years.

My friend had met up with a car accident. She meets with an accident, though not much of a hurt. The person in a bike came through the no entry and the unexpected turn lead to the accident. This was an unexpected incident, also her first accident that she has come across. Her car was a brand new one, which was damaged so very badly. The chances of get the car getting done like how it use to be was impossible. But now we can claim re-coup the diminished value of our vehicle by Advocate Auto Claims. They also provide FREE diminished value estimate of your vehicle. So no more worries since it wasn’t your fault so you needn’t be paying for others faults anymore.

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