Sunday, June 1, 2008

Best of Luck to Chennai Kings!!!

Did anyone expect the victory of Chennai Super Kings over Kings X1 Punjab? Not many expected it but many were crawling for such a splendid victory. Chennai Super Kings showed all their might and involvement in series by displaying such a beautiful game of cricket in D.Y Patil stadium. Super Kings scattered the dreams of kings XI Punjab in playing the finals against Rajastan Royals by there storming the batsman by there superb fielding. Thought they posses top order batsman who always rocked the field with their bating style, failed to put a better show here yesterday. Gony and Ntini mesmerized the crowd with their thrashing performance in the field and sealing their victories. Now thrill and excitements of the cricket fans of Chennai has reached to its peak. Will Super Kings do the same with the mighty Rajastan Royals? All The Best for Chennai Super Kings let the field be yours. Best of Luck to the Chennai Super Kings team! Let kings win the grand Finals and then match be a feast to the Chennai cricket fans..!!!

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