Thursday, June 12, 2008

Break the Fast!

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. In this busy world, most of us miss our breakfast in the hurry to catch the college bus or to reach the school on time. Buts it’s so very important to have the first meal of the day. The word break fast literally means break the fast. Since you need to break the long gap as soon as possible, possibly by 7. It’s necessary to break the fast, which was for nearly 10-12hrs and for and healthy diet your stomach should have something for every 4 hrs. So it’s very important that you have your breakfast. That’s actually the meal that gives you energy to start your day. Nighttime gives rest to your body and allows you to start your day fresh again. Sufficient amount of food is necessary to make your engine work efficiently for another day.

Breakfast must contain sufficient amount of protein, vitamin B & E and vitamins. These provide steady stream of energy for the start of the day. Its better to have nourishes breakfast instead of junk foods.

Ideal Breakfast that one could have

· Pongal/ idli/ dosa/ mint chutney

· Rotis with cooked vegetables

· Stuffed whole-wheat parathas with yogurt

· Mixed Vegetable upma

· Sandwiches boiled egg apple salad on wheat bread

· Oats porridge or cereals with milk, fresh and dried fruits

Rise and shine. So lets start our day with a healthy meal

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