Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Laugh Loud

Laughter is the best medicine. And that's just what RD Laughs Main believes. Where else will you find jokes by the hundred, most submitted by readers and humorous comedy videos, cartoons and the like? There are some things you will never be tired of. And jokes are one among that. They might be so common, ones you've heard a million times over, but still you find yourself rolling down when you hear it again.

For example I was just going through some of the inputs in Stand-up Videos and I saw one School Joke- lost in transalation which was truly a treat. Its not always you get to see a good one, what with double entrees getting so famous in the industry. Its just so difficult to get a clean one but here you have not few but many to enjoy.

And that's not all; they even have Funny Cartoons especially for all those who understand subtle comedies all so well. Try figuring out about the GPS and I am sure you'll be holding your sides before you fall.

So want a dose of this untiring, sweet, never painful medicine? Well it's easy as a click of your mouse. Log on and enjoy the fun as much as you can. Else subscribe to their newsletter and get copy right in your mailbox every week. Now what are you waiting for? Get on. Laughter was never easier !!

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