Friday, June 20, 2008

Ford launched New Fiesta model

Ford India has launched new sport variant Fiesta model 1.6S with design revisions and upgraded fabrics and leather. The new Fiesta offers a choice between Ford’s India Duratec (petrol) and Duratorq (Turbodiesel).

Michael Boneham, president of Ford India said that he bold styling of new Fiesta indicates a clear move toward European design cues and is a true reflection of the Ford Fiesta's exciting on-road character.

The new Ford Fiesta model includes three petrol variants 1.6 EXI, 1.6 ZXI and 1.6 SXI – and three turbodiesel variants – 1.4 EXI, 1.4 ZXI and 1.4 SXI..

Ford Fiesta SXI Petrol: Rs 700,000.
Ford Fiesta SXI Diesel: Rs 814,000.
Ford Fiesta S: Rs 715,000.

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