Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Make a difference!

Everyone is born this world to make a difference. Just that many don't know what they are here for. A few have already made a mark, been famous, the 'been there done that' types. But many lead lives totally not known but still making changes in lives of other more deprived individuals, changing this world with how much ever little they could contribute. And that is - Make Your Mark delves. Into the lives of those people who are there for those who have lost all hope, for those who are in need, for those who have no one. Here are the true heroes and heroines of the world, the ones many have never heard about, but whom you need to. And these are the ones who need our admiration, our praises and more important….our help.

Read about Patty Hall who along with help from her students raised more than $12,000 to build a dam in a Kenya village within 6 months. Or on the Hospice Foundation which helps college students cope with grief. All ordinary people leading extraordinary lives with their achievements. Or try out their weekly challenge and enter yourself present in Reader's Digest Homepage and making this world a better place to live in.

So what are you peopling waiting for. Get in and look at their lives. See how much they have gone through, in spite of having their own lives to lead. They are just as ordinary as any of us. The only difference-they cared to change. They wanted to do their part for the world around them and that's led them so far, allowed them to rise above the rest. Shouldn't we join in too? Help in the way we could?

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