Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On a Rainy day..

Rain has always been a form of happiness to everyone. It has been a great inspiration to every poet is some other way. It is bliss of happiness making everyone feel that they are kids once again. The cool breeze, the sense of touch of rainwater, the smell of earth everything is a different experience. I love to get myself wet out on the rain every time it rains. One such experience of getting wet is when I was when is was back home from a musical concert. It doesn’t seemed like it will rain but it did all of the sudden. I felt as if I was flying in the rain. It was more soothing than the melodies of music after a hot tiring day. I went walking all the way home in the rain enjoying each and every drop of it. There is no need to run away from it since it seems like blessing of God from the sky right on to you. So enjoy each an every moment of life since time is as precious a diamond.

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