Sunday, June 1, 2008

Keep yourself updated with Zookoda

Bloggers always keep wondering how to keep the traffic get going in higher rates all through the year. Being a blogger myself, I often ponder upon this very often. I think we have got a solution for it after taking a note of this website dedicated in creating a balanced relationship between you visitors and the bloggers. Zookoda is the website am talking about is an email marketing application exclusively designed to enhance the needs of bloggers. It provides you all sorts of facilities all for FREE. So you can do justice to your blog and you visitors with the help of Zookoda. Its facilities are stated below:

  • Managing your email newsletters of your subscribes.
  • Enhancing a customized form for subscribing to the newsletter for your visitors.
  • Recurrent broadcasting for each week, month and year.
  • Eye-catching newsletters suiting your blog design.
  • Providing real-time reports like open, bounce, click and unsubscribe.
  • Easy accessing for mobile users by providing it in text format converted.

Managing your newsletters of your subscribers is always a problem in our busy schedules. So Zookoda makes the job much more easier by doing it for us. Providing a newsletter will make it even more interactive for us with our visitors too. And they provide us with the best of the designs available for our subscription form and also the one, which suits our blog mostly. By having a recurrent broadcasting of our blog for each week month and year will make it more interesting for our visitors to make a note of them. It also creates more interest for them by summing up the contents for their satisfaction. They can even report to us their problems in accessing and facilities to unsubscribe from us at any time. And most of all it even emails the bloggers these information even to mobile devices by converting them in text format. So what more you need keep your visitors reminded and always updated about your blog anytime anywhere.

So stay connected with visitors through Zookoda get started now.

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