Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Living with diabetes

It's the most common disease now that's fast spreading around the world. And it hasn't received the attention it has to. No wonder we have not much idea on a disease that's closer than we think. It has no age barrier and it's not curable. Unless you transplant your pancreas, of course! But it's totally controllable and especially if your dear one has this disease that is exactly what you need to know about. This is where - Managing Diabetes is all ready to help. It gives you an idea of the basics of the disease and all that you need to keep the sugar well under control.

The site helps you get to know about the glycemic index, and the foods you have to take to stabilize your blood sugar. And exercise. This is one very much overlooked aspect of diabetes but something all doctors advise on. Exercise delays diabetes to a great extent and here you have tips on how to stay through your regime.

And dint I say food? There are a - Diabetes Friendly Foods that are good for your body and not a strain for your tongue too. I've read some and tried a few too, and hey it's amazing. Now my dad only wants me to cook. Well what a treat for them. They will feel better especially when their loved ones like us take care. And this is the best place to run for help. Just remember to have a better control of our life we need to be better educated in managing diabetes.

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