Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Teach me time clock

Are you having sleepless nights all because your kids wake up very early? Then I think I can tell you some suggestion to solve your problem. Teach Me Time Clock Clock is one of the coolest solutions for it. Its amazing features help us greatly to solve it. It is a beautiful bedside alarm clock with dual color nightlight, when the clock is yellow its time to bed and when its green its time to get out of bed. It has both digital and analog means of displaying the time. We can even add a dialog in our voice to it. It teaches your children how to get the time out of the clock like a teacher. For grown ups you have snoozing facilities to wake you up like how your mom and dad does always. The two toes of the clock have some functions too.

· Press left toe button to display the analog time

· Press the right toe button to display the time in digital form and the clock tell you what time it is.

Teach Me Time Clock is one of the most useful things you can get your child. It can be made more portable with one AAA battery to use it. You can have for a reasonable price of $37.99.

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