Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mary seems so challenging

USA network is promoting the new series of drama “USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight “, which has become one of the most famous one among the audience now. It’s all about two partners Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann who are two partners working under the federation Witness protection program. Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann’s task is of protecting their witnesses from others and assuring security to them in all stages. Mary Shannon plays a lead role of a challenging young women who faces all hr problems boldly and finds solution by any means at all times. Women should be so challenging doing all possible tasks like Mary does in “ In Plain Sight”. But getting such a person in life is really difficult and one such person is my aunt. No lady can possess such guts and bravery. She handles everything with the same might and enjoys everything she does, which is the most attractive part of all other qualities. Like wise Mary Shannon also puts a better show as a brave and tactful woman among men. So “ In Plain Sight “ reminds me of my aunt mostly. Its best of all others as far as am concern

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