Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Small Orange Web Hosting


I wanted to start a website and soon. I wanted to enter this web where everyone had his place, his home, and his area. I wanted to establish myself too. I wanted a domain all for myself. Well it's not asking too much. But then think again. I don't know anything about HTML. Hell I don't even know how to use the Net properly. I've browsed a bit around, along with my peers but that's it. So how can I want all this? Isn't it like I'm dreaming a little too much?

But no! I can easily do all that said above with little knowledge of the Net and it's ways, all thanks to A Small Orange Web Hosting. Now what does that mean? Well it's just a site where they provide us with all details on how to create a website. In fact they do the creation also and in addition, if required, they will do the maintenance of the site. So you need to just give them the inputs and other details, which you want on our site and it's totally looked after. From the creation right till you feel it's no longer needed which may even be centuries later. The best part about Orange is that it can fit your current needs and grow with you. They have plans for small sites starting at $2.50 per month and up to the mega one with 45000MB space. All of its waiting for you.

So feeling bad you’re ignorant on the Net and it’s working? Think you lack something because of that? Well nothing to worry. Just sign in here and leave it all to them. Web hosting to the rescue!

Sponsored by A Small Orange


Kiki said...

I'm sorry, but I just have to comment on this orange outfit. $30/month for 4500GB with only 100GB of bandwidth. Good Lord!!! You can get unlimited space & bandwidth for as little as $3.96/month from WebHostingPad. Just do a little searching. Look, a $25 coupon code to save even more.

rosi said... much emails you provide in web hosting my 2GB site...?

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