Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hensley Arrow


Everyone prefers to take with them a travel trailer tow along with them for in case it is necessary as a part of their travel kit. It would be very much comfortable and easy to tow vehicles in case of any unfortunate cases of get struck up some where with it. Towing a vehicle is much of a difficult job since it sways all the way through its path. This kind of swaying may lead to accidents and there is no smooth means of travel. So Hensley Arrow who has been the premier trailer hitch in the RV industry for 15 years has brought a solution for this problem. Hensley Arrow is the only trailer hitch, which has guaranteed to eliminate trailer sway completely. We can wonder how it is possible but it is possible with Hensley Arrow Advanced Towing System. And it provides us with lots of amazing features like

· Tighter turning radius so that you would loose control over your vehicle

· Level floor plan for easy leveling.

· Easier hooks ups to avoid difficulties in hooking up vehicles

· Lower trailer cost

· Lower center of gravity to have control over it.

· Low fuel cost too so its so economical.

The greatest difference between other trailers and Hensley Arrow is that it is guaranteed to eliminate trailer sway and very economical too. So isn’t it amazing to get yourself a trailer with such lovable features. So get yourself one to makes things easy for you.

Sponsored by Hensley Mfg.

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