Friday, June 27, 2008

Car accidents!

Car driving is more exciting and interesting. But at the same it needs more of alertness while driving. A distracted driver is prone to accident, not only causing damage to himself but also the other travelers. Yes, it’s so bad to pay for a mistake in which there is no fault from my side. If there is no fault from your side, did you know that you can re claim a diminished value for your car? Isn’t it amazing?? Yes you can recoup the diminished value for your car up to four years.

I would like to share the first car accident that my friend had met up with. While she was driving suddenly a two-wheeler from a side road dashed the car without given a horn. Since it was the first time she is experiencing such a situation she got really tensed. And the damage to her brand new car was very bad, which made her very upset the whole day. But now its possible to re claim the diminished value through Advocate Auto claim. FREE diminished value! So no need to pay for others fault anymore. Drive Safe.

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