Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sparkling spark!

The post is about IZEA’s SocialSpark. I am one among the ones enjoying the benefits of it. It adds spark to our blogging experience. Communicating with others in the network is the liveliest part of it. It serves almost all interests of the bloggers. It drives more traffic towards your blog.It’s not just a place to interact but you get paid for topics you post too. You are not just paid the amount you bid but extra bonus for better post. It’s somewhat like the exams you do better you get more percentage, as you deserve it.

What you sow so shall you reap. It abides by certain code of ethics making it the best like

o In-Post disclosure, means need to add the disclosure badge to every paid post.

o Limpid, so that the public can view your post and which advertiser your working for.

o Honest opinions in your post are much desired by SocialSpark.

o User-friendly searching so that the users needn’t follow links after link to their target.

There is no need for you to wait for the paid post every now and then you can reserve them for yourself. One you click on the opportunity you have 12- hour span to complete your task unlike other sponsors. Once you click on your opportunities all you have to do is just post your topic satisfying the criteria’s furnish to you by the advertisers and post them. Social Spark helps to maintain smooth relationship between you and the advertisers. It’s a network of beautiful people to be with. Getting paid through this network is like adding cherries on to a chocolate cake.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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