Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lovely pants!


Each and everyday in my life seems so busy in its own way. My pants are a part of my busy work. It starts from 4.30 every morning making me more comfortable and relaxing throughout, while jogging. Returning from my jog I feel more comfortable in stretching out myself with it on. And all through my day where ever it is it keeps me fresh and cool. I never feel even a bit of discomfort with my pants on. Through out the day in my office, with my friends on an outing and everywhere it suits my needs of the movement. We spend most of our picnics and outings of my weekends with my pants. I feel more comfortable with them on me. I surf about the net a while too. We both sign off only around 11.30 at night everyday. Most lovable movements with my pants are on my couch on a rainy day with a sip of coffee and pondering over all my lovable times i have spent

I think everybody has something to say about our pants, which are apart of us. The Dockers contest is one such contest to expose your feeling about it. No one can say they don’t have a favorite pair, which they would love to talk about. So seems like you have a favorite pants for yourself and you too have a story to narrate to us about your favorite ones. You can submit your stories or even submit videos telling about your pants of your choice too. You can send to Dockers contest your interesting stories and videos.

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