Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mountain Venture!!!

Top slip, a place of lushness and beauty. One of the tourist spots in Aanamalai Hills, Eastern Ghat India. A must visit for all nature lovers. You can feel the nature’s grace, sweetness and gentle breeze showing mother earths love towards us. It’s a feast for eyes. The world around me looked beautiful all dressed in green robes in the brown earthed carpet adorned with crowns of flowers and trees tossing their heads in welcome that’s not all but there are not enough words to express that lovable feeling. Lovely Bamboos and silver lined waterfalls add more flavors to the hills.

Elephant ride is the most thrilling part of the tour. Ride into the jungle exploring the beauty added more thrill to the journey. Such a trip will always make everyone to ponder about the creativity of our almighty.

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