Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bleach the Movie

Anime movies are drawing more and more fans towards it. One among such anime movies which created now is with manga characters depicting the Japanese older form of art. In it each manga character’s means something or some human qualities and that character is closely related with that qualities of life. It is interesting when we get very much involved with it. If I would give a chance of choosing a manga character of all I would choose to be Chie. It means wisdom with blessing I preferred it more since this character possesses the most valuable characters among the rest of them. The best combination of characters in manga would be of bravery and wisdom, which is the need of everyone’s life. There is a treat for all Manga and anime lovers since there is a cool upcoming movie “Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody”. It is one of the manga characters which would your favorite very soon if its not so till now. The movie is available only on June 11 and June 12 on theatres. So be sure to get your reservations soon and enjoy the fun on the big screen.

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