Saturday, May 31, 2008

Be the way you are.


I have always wondered about the celebrities' dressing sense. Each one has their own style of dressing and look cute in their own way. Of all, Angelina Jolie is my choice. She is my favorite for both her acting skills and her beautiful sense of dressing. One will always tend to have a second look for the way she is. She not only attracts us with her beautiful eyes and looks but also with her beautiful way of dressing. She dresses herself very well with the outfits, which goes well with her hairstyle. Her silky hair with the threads of hair tossing about in air, a wonderful site to see.
I love dressing up myself very much. One’s beauty and charm is decided fifty percent by one's looks and the rest by his way of dressing. My wardrobe is fully filled with professional but classic dresses. I wear dresses, which are comfortable and the ones that look good on me. To make one self more comfortable, we should have dresses suiting our needs and a comfortable hairstyle too. I leave my silky hair tossing about my shoulders all the way through my day. It makes me more comfortable than anything else, which made me prefer it more often.

There is a chance for people like me who love following a style of their own. The Dockers contest is planning to have ads out of people of this kind. So, what all you have to do is just make an ad of your own for Dockers contest and see you ad tonight in NBC. Dockers want to make all your dreams true. So just go on with your ad.

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