Saturday, May 31, 2008

Catch the best of Dockers as a video


Dockers are on their way in making the dreams of many young ad filmmakers true. Many short films are been created nowadays by filmmakers for various reasons. Dockers are also interested in such activities. They are welcoming people making a short video of pants from Dockers , which are comforting the world with its service. Lot of videos has already been submitted by many of them; of such videos one really attracted me a lot for its quality of work. The video is “ We speak your language” by shd0728. It seemed so different when compared to the rest. It out shined the rest in its own way. It translates the word “pant” in many languages. It means to convey that Dockers is not a drop in the trading see but an ocean spreading its service through out the world. So each country call it’s Dockers pants in its own way making it their Dockers. This shows the unity among the countries in this way. Dockers not just unite people by its products but also countries around the world.

Don’t you think Dockers contest deserves a better video and you think you can give the best of yours? Of course you can and the contest needs your talent of making the video interesting and attractive. Then are you now have plans of creating such meaningful and fruitful video for the contest then Dockers contest needs you and keep waiting as your video has a good chance of been into Jay Leno’s show tonight. So get started up from right now.

Sponsored by Dockers

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