Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bowlers snatch victory for super kings..!!!

M.A.C stadium in Chennai had overwhelming crowd of cricket fan's ready for the feast. The Chennai Super Kings were ready to battle against the Mumbai Indian’s. It was a mixed entertainment of music and sports for the audience. The stadium was glittering with guest appearance of the brand ambassador Vijay, Tamilnadu chief minister Dr.Karunanidhi honorable governor Surjit Singh Bharnala…etc. It started well with the sweet melodies of Hariharan and chimmay stealing the souls of music lovers. Then by the thrashing rocking performance of Sivamani brought excitement and thrill back. With all these loads of encouragement from the audience and question of victory against the mumbai Indians the match started of. The Super kings didn’t fail to treat they audience by there batting style. Hayden scored 81 runs of 46 balls with twelve 4's and two splendid 6's grabbing the man of the match title for the day. Suresh Raina and dhoni do did a great job in the field. But didn’t manage to set a big total for the Bhaji's team. Mumbai Indians weren’t a weaker team on field they managed the thrill till the end in the field. They were mightier in the arena towards the end. The partnership between Nayar and Harbhajan Singh changed situations vice verse. But the audience still clings to hope the kings will fulfill their expectations.The loss of wickets shattered the mumbai Indians. Good piece of bowling from the super kings drew the team to win their second match too. They will extend its list of victories in forth coming matches too.

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