Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sci-Fi adventures on the Leviathan Chronicles

I happen to listen to a science fiction the first pod cast on the Leviathan Chronicles. It was simply fantastic, though I have not read or listened to many science fiction stories before. It was a nice experience listening to a Sci-Fi The author of this audio story creates a complete atmosphere with his voice that makes us to feel the fantasyland. It has been really wonderful listening to the chronicles. Its filled with excitement and thrill which makes my ears stick on to the speakers.


I just listened to the first few chapters of the chronicle. Got so excited and thrilled with the few chapters. Chapter 1 titled Evil UnderTow quickly starts of with the Chinese submarine that is sinking at a rapid phase. Trying to make the mission possible of getting the cargo to its destination. It’s a mix of fantasy and action. The creator of the Leviathan Chronicles, Christ of Laputka made the chronicles a fantastic one for the Sci-Fi freak outs. Stories like leviathan chronicles are very interesting and thrilling. I haven’t heard about this before. But the friends on my blog roll if interested in this pod casts they can check them out.

This is an excellent offer for all the sci-fi freak-outs over here. Hope this Sci-Fi fills them up with excitement and thrill. Already 4-5 chapters have been listed in the website. If interested in getting more of the excitement of the chronicles you can visit the website.

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