Friday, July 11, 2008

Glenn Beck’s current summer political tour

Politics-It is not the topic t o be discussed among the young students of the century is been the views of many of the youngsters. But that’s not my view in the same issue. Youngsters must know what are the happenings in politics to know about the happenings of your country its ups and downs on comparing itself economical and political strengths with other countries in the world in the long run. May be if you don’t want to have a serious in depth knowledge of its happenings you should at least know the outline at each days stage. Is such a kind of person? Politics being discussed wholesome in serious technical issues has always become more complicating but I have lots of interest in politics been discussed with more witty then it seems to be. One such person who attracted a whole lot of young audience and minds in portraying politics in a more funny way with unique lot of ideas making us think a lot on it is, Glenn Beck . His way of telling stuffs are really fun filled and exciting .To get such experience you can catch him on July 17th on Dallas. Tickets are available in all local theatres so there is no difficulty in getting them. So get yourself entertained with his means of putting things together.

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