Friday, July 11, 2008

Sakkarakatti Mp3 download

Sakkarakatti, the most awaited audio released. The music director of this movie is A.R.Rahman. He always entertains his audience with his everlasting music.All his songs simply rock. The atmosphere gets cool when is music is on. Download and enjoy the songs from sakarakatti staring santhunu bhagyaraj son of writer,director artist K.Bhagyaraj and Ishitha joshi and directed by kaalaprabhu... Enjoy the sweetness of music in it...

1.chinnamma- chinmayi, Benny Dayal

2.Elay- Krish,Naresh Iyer

3.I Miss you da-chinmayi,Indai hasa

4.Marudaani-Madhushree, A R Rahman,Hentry

5.Naan Epoudhu- Reena Bharadwaj

6.Taxi Taxi -Benny Dayal, Blaaze,Viviane chaix, Javed Ali

disappear in the sweetest of songs in sakarakatti......

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