Monday, July 28, 2008

Enhances your IT career with Cisco certification

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I would like to share the experience I have got from the Cisco training program, which was conducted, in association with NIIT. The seminar was so informative. The Cisco executive furnishes the complete details regarding the Cisco certification and the various programs offered by Cisco. Also the various means of getting the Cisco Certification was clearly explained by the Cisco executive. The TCS executive explained opportunities available in IT industry. Also he elaborated on how Cisco certification would enhance our career performance in IT.

How does Cisco enhance your career growth in IT field?

By taking up the Cisco certification program you can enhance your career in IT specially in networking domain. Infrastructure management is one of the places were Cisco places a major role. These are the major fields of demand in IT career. By taking up the various certificated courses offered by Cisco you can climb the ladders of the networking with ease. They have an active forum with millions of young minds discussing and sharing on valuable information. It’s also a place for beginners like us to clarify doubts. Loads of technical resources and online events available to prepare for your Cisco certificate. Cisco offers training programs n association with a learning partner like NIIT. The Cisco certificated trainer offers the training. Also they provide with the virtual lab to get the best.

Participate in active conversations to discover ore about the future of networking technology. Get the best certification from the best!

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