Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Glenn Beck??

Not many knows who’s Glenn Beck much since he is not a famous actor but a very good political satire comedian which I came to know after seeing his video’s on the site. He is such a fantastic man, who could even talk serious issues, which is of a great problem these days in a very casual and make his point of view in a unique yet funny way. Latest of such issues is the petrol hike causing inflation in every other part of the world in a large amount. Even such a serious issue can he speaks with ease and wit in expressing his clean views of the problem with a smile sealed in everyone’s lip. So after hearing about this you would really catch Glenn Beck live, then get your ticket for summer Political Tour comedy show dubbed as Beck 08 on July 17 in Dallas. This is going to be a great experience how it sounds like when politicians speak truth. So get yourself entertaining with him tonight.

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