Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kamal in 'DASAVATHARAM' impresses Karunanidhi

The team showed the trailer of the movie to the chief minister Mr. M. Karunanidhi. He was very much impressed with Kamal Haasan's efforts and congratulated him with a hug and a kiss. And he asked Kamal Haasan, "Are all those people really you". Actor plays 10 different character and the story is not about one person in different guises. The story begins with an episode set in the 12th century,and then looks at coincidences. Kamal plays Nambi role Vaishnavite priest. Lyricist vaali lines 'Kallai matum paarthal kadavul theriyadu, kadavul mattum paarthal kalladi theriyadu...'. The other characters are an American, a Chinese man, a CBI officer from Andhra Pradesh, an old lady, a leader from Afghanistan, a scheduled Tribes leader, George Bush, a Punjabi and one character, who looks like Kamal normally does...

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