Saturday, April 12, 2008


Or CAD is a suite of tools from Cadence for the design and layout of printed circuit boards. Or CAD really consists of two tools. Capture is used for design entry in Schematic Form. Layout is a tool for designing the physical Layout of Components and Circuits on a PCB. During the design process, you will move back and forth between the two tools. Or CAD Capture design entry is the most widely used Schematic entry system in electronic design today for one simple reason. Fast and universal design entry. Whether you are designing a new analog circuit, revising Schematic diagram for an existing PCB or designing a digital block diagram with an HDL Module, ORCAD Capture provides simple Schematic commands you need to enter, modify and verify the design for PCB

Or CAD Layout offers PCB designers and PCB design terms the power and flexibility to create and share PCB data and constraints across the design flow. Or CAD delivers the entire capacities designer from net list to place and route, to final output. The erase of use and intuitive capabilities of Or CAD Layout provides for quick standup and rapid learning. PCB consists of a number of Electrical and Non Electrical layers. Two the four electrical layers are fairly common for simple circuit boards. 8 to 20 layers can often in many industrial applications. The top and bottom layers are used for outing nets between parts while the inner two layers are solid copper for the connections to the power and ground. A fiberglass or epoxy resin dielectric material separates each of the layers

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