Sunday, April 27, 2008

AIEEE 2008 Results Key and Solutions

India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) 2008 held on Sunday April 2008 making the dreams come true of entering into the best Engineering college. The Solutions of the AIEEE 08 from a leading coaching institute is available here.

AIEEE 2008 consisted of 105 questions of 3 marks each – 35 questions each in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to be answered in 3 hours. Among the several versions of the question papers, the order of the options was also jumbled. The overriding emotion that ruled the majority of the students coming out of the examination venues at 12:30 pm was one that of content and satisfaction. AIEEE 2008 did not burn the psyche of a well-prepared student. Most of the students felt that the paper was a well-balanced one with a good mixture of questions of various difficulty levels. There were two sets of cluster (paragraph) questions in Physics – a new avatar in AIEEE examination. The two sets of paragraph questions had three and two questions respectively. Assertion-Reasoning Type Questions appeared in the Physics and Mathematics sections. Among the three subjects, the Chemistry was relatively the easiest. Though there were several “thought provoking questions” whose time-investment per question was almost double the average. Well prepared students enjoyed the challenge, though and came out performing very well in this subject.

So if you feel you have done well, is it time to celebrate? Well, for a start, we suggest you carefully study the Answer and Solution for AIEEE 2008 provided here. Then consider the fact that the number of questions was less that of AIEEE 2007. And then consider the fact that the number of students appearing for this examination has seen an increase over the pervious year..

So where does that leave you? Under the circumstances described earlier, each mistake is going to be more costly. Don’t feel bad by looking at the negatives you may have accumulated. If you have done justice to your preparation for AIEEE, let the natural laws governing work and reward take care of the situation from here on. At the same time, do plan ahead for the other Engineering Entrance Exams. The next big ticket examination coming your way is the BITSAT. You will really require good practice for this online examination. You can register for a BITSAT Online Practice Test Series.Irrespective of which version you were give, you will be able to easily identify the question from the reference made to each question. Wishing everyone all the very best. And here is the link for solution and analysis of AIEEE 2008

Click here for the Solution and Analysis of AIEEE 2008

AIEEE Cut off

AIEEE Results

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