Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Are you Normal or Nuts?

Are You Normal or Nuts? Are you a person who hesitates to speak through your mobile phone in public places? Are you a person who uses things until they wear out completely? Are you a person who is afraid to go to high places like tall buildings? Do you think that these are psychological problems in you? Check out the Reader’s digest, Are You Normal or Nuts? were these questions have been answered by the expert psychological panel.

Check out the Reader's Digest Laughs quiz and share your unconventional behavior with everyone. And also you can get experts advice to your problem. And its also fun reading the comments and unusual behavior of the other people. Reader's Digest is one of the best magazines, which gives us the consolidated view of situations. Their website is more user friendly. It’s so simple to browser through the pages. It has an excellent collection of humor filled stories, which keeps us laughing the whole day. Check out the RD/laughs and share your experiences

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